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We're Working On Something New!!

 ðŸŽ‰ Hey there, trendsetters, pioneers, and accidental clickers who somehow ended up on our page! We interrupt your regular scroll to bring you some news about the seismic shifts happening here at Images Plus.


🚀 We're revamping, reimagining, and downright revolutionizing everything about us. Our new branding isn't just a logo change – it's a personality injection. Picture this: a little sophistication meets unhinged creativity in a dark alley, and they decide to beat the hell out of the print shop industry. Don’t forget our embroidery skills too!.. actually;

.. all those who know us, love us as the quirky Cheltenham High Street tshirt printing store. Where we love the face to face relationships we create with our customers. How you can come in and see us at work, touch and feel the garments you choose as you talk us through your ideas and your challenges. We know you get a real sense of security that not only we care about your request but we will make sure its followed through the way you want it.. because we are only satisfied when you’re as excited by the finished result as we are..

We will never lose that aspect of our business, we stay here for you.

What’s next though, is to take the professionalism of this operation up a notch!! This will be a process but we’re dedicated to providing the type of experience and finish you should come to expect when placing orders with professionals. 

We all know there’s a million start ups a year, that last not much longer than just that, a year! Their lack of experience and desperation to charge as little as possible in order to generate sales frustrates us immensely.. all the time! The ones that keep going under this false illusion pay little attention to the quality as they’re stuck finding ways to cut corners and use cheap supplies.. We have adopted most of our customers from these rouge hobbyist and shown them that not all of us are a pile of .. sorry, rant over… where was I?..  


🎨 So our website is shedding its digital skin to unveil a sleek, user-friendly interface that's all about helping our customers.. We’ve even included a suggestions box in case you wanna give us some gems of advice on ways we can improve. We’re all about the customer journey, service and experience here and well be working on that daily till we get it right!! Other note worthy aspects of our site is the members only product area. We’re hand picking only the products we rate, and we’ll be building that online offering month by month and showcasing why we rate them so you get a better understanding about what quality you should be getting.   


💸 But wait, there's more! We got Informative banners that aren't just pretty faces – they're shouting about our promotions, services and important information louder than your best mate at a Taylor swift concert. Quote forms? Tell us what you need and lets not waste time getting you the best finished product you ever ordered. 


📸 And since we're not just another faceless corporation, we're flinging open the doors to our socials. Peek behind the curtain, witness the madness, and follow the journey. We're not promising unicorns and rainbows, but there might be some absolute legends working magic, the best quality blanks available for sale and not to mention the gorgeous results of the work we produce.


💌 Hold on to your hats, because the pièce de résistance is our monthly newsletter! It's not just an email – it's a golden ticket to exclusive discounts, giveaways, access to VIP-only hidden pages, customer interviews and a chance or two for you to get proper involved.


🔥 Our industry game is bespoke printing and embroidery, making your workwear, event merch, or fashion line the absolute best it can be. We’ve been in this for over 25 years and our experience is second to none. One-offs or bulk orders, we handle them all in our stride. Plus, we're offering drop shipping.. but our way, sampling, photography, e- commerce and distributution.  


💡 So here's the deal – we're on a mission to serve you like no one else. We're not just a company; we're a wild ride through creativity, quality, and the occasional inappropriate yet amusing metaphor. So buckle up, because Images Plus is here to make sure you never second guess who’s the best in this business.